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Why Study in France

With more than 265,000 foreign students, France is the world´s third-leading host country for higher education, behind the United States and Great Britain. In the past few years it has seen strong growth in the number of students it has welcomed, following a concerted government effort to make French higher education more competitive on the world market.

A Long Tradition of Academic Excellence

Besides the breathtaking scenic beauty, dense historic past and cultural richness, France houses some of the oldest universities in the world. Some of the French Universities are rated world-wide as centres of academic excellence.

International Degrees at affordable costs

France spends per year an average 7,700 (3.3 lakh rupees) for each and every student engaged in higher studies. Since all foreign students are treated on par with national citizens this structural scholarship is available. France thus provides value for money by offering internationally recognised degrees at affordable costs.

Higher Education

World class quality is maintained by faculties consisting of professors from universities in France and abroad. There are also visiting professors from world famous institutions and numerous experts in various fields. Students are supervised and assessed on a daily basis to maintain low failure and drop out rates and enjoy innovative teaching methods which are modern, pragmatic, interactive and integrate new technologies. This helps the students to compete successfully in the international arena.

English Medium

In order to attract more international students, French universities are now increasingly using English as the language of instruction especially in areas like Management, Engineering, Sciences, etc.

The Culture

France is considered to be the cultural capital of the world. The culture of France is diverse, reflecting regional differences as well as the influence of recent immigration. France has played an important worldwide role for centuries as a cultural center, with Paris as a world center of high culture. France is noted for its cosmopolitan, civilized approach to life, combined with great concern for style, fashion and appearances.

Universities in France

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