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Studying In A Foreign Land

The thought itself is daunting and the lack of proper information and high costs involved makes this task even more complicated. OBEROI OVERSEAS EDUCATION provides students aspiring for an overseas education with step-by-step guidance and hand-holding throughout the entire process.

Our systematized approach and extensive network with Universities help students select the ideal university to meet their career goals. This is achieved through counseling and understanding the unique needs of every student.

Eligibility criteria, application process, visa, finances, accommodation – Oberoioverseas Education supports you all the way in your quest for a world class education.

University Selection

UK | Australia | Canada | USA | Denmark | Dubai | France
| Germany | Malaysia | Mauritius | Spain | Singapore | Switzerland


For many indian students aspiring for high quality education in the field they choose, study abroad scholarships prove great…

University Selection


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12:52 12 Jan 23
I am thankful to Parneet Madam. She is very supportive and helpful and an excellent teacher to learn from. I found her classes very helpful, I have been taking IELTS Coaching from her, and I must say she is knowledgeable and teaches with utmost patience. She explains all the details very well, very kind and can approch her at any time. She listen to query and provide a proper guidance.God bless you and your workThank you..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Jignasha ParmarJignasha Parmar
11:38 06 Dec 22
Hello I am jignasha,I am very grateful to to Parneet Mam who has been very supportive and helpful. She is really an excellent teacher. I found her classes very helpful. have been taking IELTS Coaching from Parneet Kaur Mam, and I must say she is very knowledgeable and teaches with utmost patience. She explains all the details very well. She is very kind and we can approch her at any time ..She is ever there to listen to my query......Thank you Mam I will be ever grateful to you for all the trouble and efforts u make to help the students for their exam....God bless you and your work and may you open the wings of the many more children to fly to their brighter future.....Thank you God bless you.....🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
AnkIt KamBlEAnkIt KamBlE
05:12 30 Nov 22
i am writing this review for my IELTS Coaching which is conducted by Parneet mam. Parneet mam has been very supportive throughout the sessions. She has always given very effective tips and simple tricks to solve different types of questions. whenever i have some doubts she has always helped me out and also provided extra time for the assignments, by which i never felt hectic and enjoyed completing the assignments. I would also refer my friends/family to take coaching from Parneet Mam. Thank you Oberoi Overseas Education and Parneet mam.
swapnil burdeswapnil burde
04:58 24 Nov 22
I have been taking IELTS Coaching from Parneet Kaur Mam, and I must say she is very knowledgeable and teaches you with utmost patience. She explains all the details very well and changes a person's thought process and approach towards IELTS. As a working professional it was at times very difficult to complete the assignments and even manage time for the sessions but still Parneet mam considers your difficult and provides a flexible coaching experience. I really appreciate Oberoi Sevices to have a coach which takes out proper time and ensures all queries and concerns are addressed in a proper manner. Kudos to her teaching skills 👍
nikita bagrodianikita bagrodia
18:39 09 Nov 22
I am writing this review for Parneet ma'am for her IELTS training. Parneet ma'am has been very supportive when it comes to the sessions. She has great knowledge and her tips and tricks have really helped me. She would always choose a time which was convenient for me even with my hectic schedule and would also answer all the queries and doubts I asked. She kept motivating me throughout. I would highly recommend her for IELTS coaching!
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